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Moon time...
« on: December 14, 2011, 11:06:49 AM »
As women we are very Grandmother would tell you without women there is no reason to go on..because you can't..and in that sence we are a prep in ourselves.. our ability to bring forth a precious reason to fight to the death to live is why man is here litterly and figuratively.. but sadly most treat their body as a burden..taking chemicals to callous the womb so life can't take hold..or taking it a step further and get a "vaccine" to prevent not only life but our blood from flowing...and the end results are so sad..women who now desperately want children but can't or take years of effort and more chemicals and have their eggs removed so a man's hands can implant life with a cold piece of steel.. so if you still bleed be grateful and understand it is not an inconvenience It's something you should be proud of..

My whole cycle life I have bled with the moon like we are meant does my sister as did my mother and my grandmother and I have no doubt my daughter will do the same..

A recent conversation with a few gals who said that they're bloods had been off and are now following the moon made me many women are attention to your body It's more connected to this earth and what's happening than our minds are..