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Hiding spot for spare key

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--- Quote from: Ralph on February 15, 2012, 01:35:55 PM ---I don't hide a spare key for my car, but this may be a useful idea. A while back I bought a 'key safe' at the orange big box store. I believe their original use was for real estate agents. Basically it's a small lockable box. There's different versions, some to screw onto a wall, others look like a padlock, and there's one that hooks over a window and held on by rolling up the window. I keep a padlock style locked onto a bar under my seat to keep some emergency cash in. You set the combination to access the inside of the box. Check around the internet to see what's available. I also keep one of these hidden with a set of spare house keys. It's a backup if you loose the key, and if you need someone to go into your house when you're not around just give them the location and combo for the box. You can always change the combo again. There should be plenty of places to put one of these on a car or truck, and even if found you still have to get into the locked box to get at the key.

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Here's one like I think you are talking about:    $15 is not too bad.  It looks mostly weatherproof but I'm in salty-roads PA.

Here's another box for hiding a GPS for tracking somebody.   The box doesn't lock, but appears weatherproof and might blend in as some sort of component.

Here's a hitch vault (Pricy):


--- Quote from: idelphic on February 15, 2012, 01:20:34 PM ---I'm not sure even where to get replacement keys for my Honda.. then it's a matter of programming it..  :censored:

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Ace Hardware in many cases, but the dealer for others.  My Acura key was $55 per copy and that's just the key, not a remote clicker. ::)


--- Quote from: endurance on February 15, 2012, 04:14:38 PM ---Ace Hardware in many cases, but the dealer for others.  My Acura key was $55 per copy and that's just the key, not a remote clicker. ::)

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I checked, they don't.  You have to 'route' the Honda key, not cut.  I like the idea of having a spare key in my wallet,.. just the key isn't thin enough.

My Best Kept Secret....get some of this stuff; It's what we use in HVAC industry and it's an awesome adhesive way better than any other tape. Had a friend who came over one day and lost his screws for his license plate, it was just barely hanging on the bracket. We put this stuff on there to hold it until he got a new bracket...well he couldn't get the plate off...basically had to destroy it to remove it. He was pissed at me..too bad I never got any pics of it.

Well I have used this for years for keeping spare keys on my truck and cars. It looks like factory insulation/undercoat.

Cut a strip about 3-4" long and put key in center, slap onto cleaned area of vehicle, back of bumper, wheel well, frame rail don't matter it won't go anywhere and once it is dirty looks like everything else. Won't be super easy to get the key out and it's a one time use each time...but it has saved my butt at least 5 times that I can remember. Works good for house keys too, will attache to mostly anything even if wet.


The Sure-Lock is the type I keep outside for house keys. It's been outside kind of protected for a few years now. Once in a great while I spray it with WD40 but I've never found it stiff. It is not what I would consider waterproof.

I haven't looked for a lockbox in a while, but the GPS box looks interesting- and magnetic. Just had a thought, I've taken apart a few bad hard drives and some of those magnets are amazingly strong. Maybe attach an existing box to one, of attach the key straight on one? A couple of them magnets take a screw driver to pry them off a piece of steel. Just a thought.


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