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Hiding spot for spare key

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--- Quote from: GreekMan on April 27, 2012, 12:45:34 AM ---- Have you noticed the drain plugs in your trunk? I have 2 in mine. if you keep the area clear of stuff you can pop them off from under the car. Attach a cord to them with the spare key in the end. Then you grab the cord and produce the key!

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That is GREAT idea!   Although criminals can be creative I doubt too many are checking trunk drain holes for spare keys!

I am the spare key for my wife and she is my spare key if necessary. Unfortunately, she won't even bother to call the auto club before calling me. After having to breaking into my house with the lid from a can of Spam (who said Spam was worthless) I have installed a dead bolt and a spare key for the house is buried in the ground in a zip lock bag. Always a stick around to dig it out. Now it's camouflaged by weeds. I have also made it a habit to have my keys in my hand before locking the car or house.


--- Quote from: TLBones on February 14, 2012, 06:04:56 PM ---OK...pulled a moron move today and locked myself out of my truck!   Ironically I got myself distracted trying to cue up the survival podcast on my phone as I got out of the truck in front of the gym.   Luckily the gym is only about 4 miles from home and my buddy was nearby and it wasn't any issue running me home to get my spare keys.   I have AAA, but I didn't want risk having my door/lock screwed up.    So does anyone have an awesome spot to hide a spare key that wouldn't draw attention even if a mechanic was working on your vehicle?  Of course every vehicle is different.   I thought about tucking it up in a hole in one of the frame rails with a wire, but it might be a bitch to fish out.

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The mechanic see them all the time. They already have your key when working on your truck, so they could make a copy if wanted. Black zip tie to top of frame well, then stray the area with the black rubberized paint in a can.

Or, stick it in some weather proof tape, and use a couple hose clamps to mount.

If you lock yourself out of your car and can't or don't want to resort to the use of an expensive locksmith, cut a small hole in a tennis ball, place the hole over the car keyhole, and squash the tennis ball hard.

That should pop the lock open.

It doesn't work on every model of car, so try it on yours to be sure.

Toss your tennis ball "spare key" into the back of your pickup truck or wedge it somewhere in a bumper or grill. You don't even have to cut it until you need it.

I have hidden hundreds of keys all over town at every place I frequent.


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