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New TSP Gear Shop Suggestion - 12 Planks Poster
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:50:58 AM »
I had an idea while listening to Episode 483 (20 Simple Steps...) yesterday and a 2nd time this morning on the drive in. I often talk about TSP, modern survivalism, etc. at work but can't wear T-shirts, etc to spread the word. It occurred to me that a great poster would be:
One Nation Full of Ants Flag subdued/oriented vertically in black/OD green
Overlay of the 12 Planks (worded for a poster)
TSP branding across the top with web address across bottom

I'd buy it and hang it in my office to:
a) remind me to stay on track with my preps
b) be a visual aid to talk to with others and spread the word.