Author Topic: Magpul PRS Stock - QD Sling Swivel Attachment  (Read 2491 times)

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Magpul PRS Stock - QD Sling Swivel Attachment
« on: March 29, 2012, 03:32:14 PM »
I don't know how many of you out there use the Magpul PRS stock but if you do you know you're limited to how you can attach a sling, especially if you like QD Sling swivels . . . .  I recently mounted the QDSP Mod 2 plates by Cascadia Armament Designs and I really like it.  And it didn't take away from mounting a sling as Magpul originally designed. . . .  CAD also makes an attachment to accommodate the Magpul MOE series handguards.

I decided to go with the Daniel Defense Rail Mount QD Swivel Attachment Point for the forend (quad mount) and use the Savvy Sniper Precision Sling for my heavy rifle.  Since all Savvy Sniper slings are custom made for each individual, they were more than happy to put whatever ends I wanted on the sling.  I went with QD swivels of course, and they even let me send them swivels I already had.
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Re: Magpul PRS Stock - QD Sling Swivel Attachment
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whats the benifit
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