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Mass Counterfeiting of American coins

February 27, 2009

by Brian Harring


                 With the collapsing American economy, many Americans are rushing to invest in gold; either coins or bar, and also silver. One of the most popular forms of this investment are American coins.  Where there is a need, there is always someone to fill it and in this case, the filling consists of  the massive counterfeiting of gold coins, silver coins, and even Swiss gold bars in China. Initially, it appeared they were only faking Morgan dollars, but then it turned out they were also making $20 Liberty, and Indian Head gold $2.50, $5, and $10 coins, of all dates. Evidently, this is extremely easy with today's computer-and-laser-die-cutting technology, and the fakes are being die-struck in vast quantities, not cast, and visually at least, are superb copies.


                The good news is that these fakes are readily detectable with a 0.01 - gram scale, as the Chinese in their greed are using lower carats of gold and lower grades of silver than the genuine coins, to maximize profit, and thus, in most cases, the fake coins and bars are lighter than the real ones. In a few cases, the silver coins of high numismatic interest are actually OVER weight - it appears that the supply of accurate planchet stock is a major difficulty for the forgers.


Beware also of these "mini" Kugerrs on ebay - you will be lucky if the plating on those suckers is even real gold.

There is a REASON they are selling for bargain basement prices....

I have complained to ebay about these plenty of times but they do not seem to be too worried as long as they are getting their cut.


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