Author Topic: Plan for family spread out in four cities  (Read 3164 times)

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Plan for family spread out in four cities
« on: September 04, 2012, 01:54:59 PM »
Hello all,
I'm a mom of two (both essentially 12), and one of my biggest concerns as of late is creating some kind of plan if something should happen while all four of us are in separate cities. My son goes to school very close to where we live, so I'm sure he could get home. My husband works about a half hour away, and could probably get home with some effort. However, I work a good 45 minutes away from my home, and my daughter goes to school on the outskirts of a major city that is about 20 minutes from where I work. Plus, if someone else is picking up my daughter, there is that added concern about something happening while they are on the road.

I know that both schools are prepared with supplies for three days for all children. We do have out of state emergency contacts, but if the cell phones are down, that's not of much use. I've told my kids to stay with the adults they are with until me and my husband can get to them or find a way for them to get home. I wish I had a more concrete idea of what to do. Have any of you created a plan for your children or family?

Thanks for sharing ideas.

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Re: Plan for family spread out in four cities
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2012, 10:22:46 PM »
They make some very compact fold up bikes for use on boats where they have little room for excess cargo. You could get one of those for your trunk. With it, you could get to your daughter and your husbands assigned priority could be to meet your son at the house. That way you know each child is with a parent. If you had 2 of the fold up bikes, you could walk back to the car and get the other after you retrieved your daughter. Then you would each have a bike.  An EMP is the only case I can think of that would disable your vehicle. I suppose it depends on what you think the odds of that happening are as to if you want to invest the money into the bikes. You would want a well stocked get home bag also.

Here is a link on Amazon for a folding bike for $125

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Re: Plan for family spread out in four cities
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2012, 05:49:54 AM »
I'm guessing that each kid has a cell phone as well.  Make it known to them that in an emergency that ties up the cell network, a text will usually get through due to using less bandwidth.

I agree with PrepperRecon that you going after the daughter and the husband meeting the son at home or school.  Once they get a little older, maybe have a plan to meet them half way to each other.  But that has its own dangers.

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Re: Plan for family spread out in four cities
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2012, 10:35:04 AM »
If this was my scenario...

Have a light BOB at school for each of the kids in their lockers. If they have lockers, I have heard some schools are doing away with them.

  • Fannypack or small backpack
  • Family radio which is fully charged and spare batteries. All of the 4 family radios to be tested and on the correct channel. Or disposable cell phones if they don't have real ones already.
  • A map of all the rendevous points, but the children told to stay where they are unless they can't. Then have plan B (or even C). Make sure to know the exact place where you will find the children.
  • Small address book with addy's, text mail, email address and phone numbers. Have contacts which are long distance as often long distance will work when local won't. Add in the number of the NON-emergency agencies. And both the parents work numbers. Under pressure it is amazing how one forgets a phone number you call by heart every day.
  • Bottle of water
  • 2 dust masks, N95 Respirator Dust Mask
  • Lighter
  • Multitool (if they can have one on campus - some allow under a certain size)
  • Gloves - preferably leather
  • A couple granola bars or MRE
  • Checklist of the family plan so they have something to follow instead of questioning and ending up doing their own thing against the plan.
  • Flashlight
  • Space blanket
  • Small pocket first aid
  • Depending on their age, maybe a small stuffed animal.
  • Change for payphones. Most school I have seen in recent months still have one in the hall.

All this should fit into a non-bulky pack of some kind. They need to stay out of it, but maybe bring it home every 1-2 months to check and make sure everything is in there and it is working properly.

Is there another adult nearby that could get to the kids in case you or your husband get detained?

Since the school is set up for 72 hours for all kids, depending on the situation, they might be safer to stay there. Depends on whether we have an earthquake here. Like the school I would consider sending my daughter to, has almost 100% complete collapse if there is a good earthquake. All of our schools in the area do but for the newest one. I know you live in Oregon as well. What is the disaster plan for your city, schools? There should be a disaster plan (although doing an article for the paper, out of 12 cities I interviewed, they are working on them, but they are not complete) and a probability for natural disaster scenarios. You should be able to get one for each of the 4 towns. Most of them I found online after much hunting.

Do you know at least 4 routes to and from each of the rendevous points? Do you know how blocked they could possibly be in each scenario? Like for me, all of the main town could come down and block incoming and outgoing traffic when the brick buildings fall during a good earthquake. We have been having some 3.0's happening around here recently. We have had 7.0+ in the last 10 years.

Come up with the different scenarios in your situation.
  • Weather - steep hills? Slick streets? Tornado?
  • Earthquake - What are obstacles that could get in your way if there is a good shake? How many bridges to cross (even little creek ones)? Downed powerlines? Overpasses? Gaslines?
  • Social unrest - Economy crashes? Gun related? Riots? War breaks out.
  • School situation (fire, lockdown, etc)
  • Flood - You know how our creeks and rivers can get in the winter/spring if you have lived here any length of time.
  • With a car
  • On foot
  • Do a walkthrough with the kids. Even at school when it is after hours.

You might go over certain scenarios with the kids, like with floods and earthquakes. But don't freak them out either. Like how to lay NEXT to things and not under things during an earthquake. Not to walk in floodwater at all.

I am not sure I would let a kid walk home. Generally they are safer where they are and then an adult pick them up. Too many variables otherwise outside the 'safe zone'. Often a school will not let them go without an adult either.


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Re: Plan for family spread out in four cities
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2012, 05:32:34 PM »
Wow. All great ideas. I really like the fold up bike idea, and Cedar, I've been watching what types of obstacles there are when I take my daughter to school. I have at least three routes I could take to get there...two out of three require major highways, so that fold up bike would be handy. One route has a bridge. Coming from work, it's mainly highway and as long as I can navigate that mess, and get through town unscathed, I could get there with a bike.  My main concern is that she is within 5-10 minutes of a major city. I want a way to get in, and get her out quickly before any crazy roving groups of panicked people could work their way over to her area.

And I was *just* thinking about creating a bag for her for school. She has one at home, but a backpack for her would be stellar, and I have to rework my car kit to become a backpack that I can hoist on and bike ride if necessary. My hubby can get home as can my son, and that's where they would head. It would then be up to me to get my daughter and get us both home - a long way relatively speaking, but I know all the backroads and 2-3 routes of them to stay out of the big cities.

Thanks for ALL your suggestions. SO appreciate. I have a little more sense of ease even though more plans need to be fleshed out. If people have more ideas, please post.