How many preppers are having employment issues

are you employed or self employed and working fully or as much as you want?
5 (83.3%)
are you under employed or working several part time jobs?
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Are you worried about being layed offf or downsized?
1 (16.7%)
has anyone close to you been laid off or downsized
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can either party fix this quickly!
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Author Topic: U.S. unemployment aid applications rise to 367,000  (Read 781 times)

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U.S. unemployment aid applications rise to 367,000
« on: October 04, 2012, 09:28:54 AM »
After listening to the debate last night and reading the morning on line headlines for our local news paper Brought this out!  WASHINGTON: The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose to a seasonally adjusted 367,000, a level consistent with only modest hiring
at one of my part time jobs we have people lined up for 7.50 per hour 10 hours a day full time, no health care benefits and one week vacation after a year , job, driving  a shuttle bus from the parking lot to the terminal at the local regional airport the