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Planted fruit trees
« on: October 23, 2012, 08:44:19 PM »
Well all i was home for three weeks and have been wanting to plant fruit trees. So on Jacks 1000 episode my wife and i planted ten fruit trees and a few berry bushes. Im hoping they do well:)
I planted them on a slope then we kind of experimented on a couple different technics. I used my post hole auger on the tractor to punch in the holes for all the trees. On three of the trees we punched in a second hole and dropped in lots of wood (kind of like hugakulture). Three of the trees we burned off all the grass within close proximity of the trees and the last four we used cardboard on top of the ground all around the tree.
All of the trees received mulching and a 10x10 fence around them for deer protection.
As you look at the pictures the slope side is facing the east so they will get the morning sun.

Lastly all the brown on both sides of the driveway are where we are planting wild flowers and bulbs so it will be like a flower meadow, with hopes that it will keep down the amount of mowing.