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Michigan, Nov 17, Personal Protection Training
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:02:02 PM »
Hello all,

My training facility is hosting a personal protection course on Nov 17 in Ann Arbor.

United Sates Martial Tactical Association presents


Martial Tactical training focuses on reality based, armed and unarmed, practical solutions to real world close quarters combative encounters faced by private citizens and professionals. Primary emphasis is placed on tactics and applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. This includes the tactical pen, tactical flashlight, folding knife (blade folded), baton, and kubotan.

This curriculum is designed to provide trainees with improved mindset towards an assailant, as well as instill a greater sense of situational awareness. The core physical techniques are primarily percussive (striking). Using realistic targets and other parameters, the trainee is familiarized with and instilled with the necessary determination to prioritize survival in an altercation.

NOTE: This session will be instructed by US-MTA National Director Mr. John Viol! This is an incredible opportunity for all Michigan residence to get training!


Loose fitting clothing conducive to a moderate workout.

Water or other refreshment for 2 hours of moderate activity.

This course is moderately physically demanding but you will not be asked to do more than you can handle.

Remove watches, rings, and other jewelry to prevent injury to yourself or your training partners.

Course details:

This course is two hours long.

There is an intro period at the beginning including an introduction to the survival mindset.

Time is set aside at the end of the session to provide answers to specific scenarios, attacks, or other trainee concerns.

Cost is $50 per participant, and preregistration is REQUIRED. Preregistered trainees will receive a certificate of completion. Walk ins will be $50 and subject to available space.

Participants will receive an action keychain (kubotan) for their use during the training and is theirs to take home!

Call (734) 531-6650 to register today!