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Shea Butter
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:21:43 PM »
IThis is just anecdotal from my personal experience:
  Shea butter is super good for some skin issues. I am talking about true pure shea butter not the stuff sold in the hair care section of walmart marketed for certaintypes of hair. This stuff is amixture usually of petrolatum (vaseline), shea butter, olive and or cocnut oil and a fragrance. I think it would probably be okay, but I haven't used it
I have used shea butter for general skin and hair lotion and moisturizer purposes and it is great for that. Where this stuff really shines is for burns and heat rashes
 I had a combination sunburn and radiant heat burn from cooking over a grill for 10 hours one day. I had second stage heat exhaustion and my face was on fire. My arms were pretty red too. I used shea butter and the burn stopped hurting with in minutes. With in two days, the burn was gone and I never peeled from it. I am very fair skinned and usually avoid prolonged sun but this was for a job and I let it get away from me.
   When I burn, its usually a pretty bad deal and I was amazed at the effectiveness of she butter. It was better than aloe which doesn't help me heal any faster but does he'll with the pain from a sunburn.
   It is also great for sweat and heat rashes in the armpits and in the inner thigh area.
It may be pretty good for baby diaper rash as it is pretty similar to what I am talking about. I mean this stuff is just a rash eraser.
   It has the added benefit of being edible and can be used for cooking and making thing somewhat water proof. It good for chapped lips to.
  Its a bit expensive though at about 15 to 20$ per pound for good pure shea butter. I paid $10 for about 7 oz. And that lasted me for about three months. Not bad for $40 bucks a year.
  This is something that is going into my prep kit and bug out bag.
 Coconut oit is also pretty good for this stuff but not as good as shea butter though some people find it less strange to eat than shea butter. Just sharing my experiences.