Author Topic: Do you know your city's water sewer capacity & limitations?  (Read 679 times)

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Do you know your city's water sewer capacity & limitations?
« on: November 24, 2012, 03:06:56 PM »
For all the urban & suburban homesteaders, have you checked your city's water & sewer capacity? 

Jack's segment on a recent listener feedback show about pharmaceuticals being dumped into city water got me thinking, so I decided to check the water & sewer records for the city we're about to move to and set up our suburban homestead (publicly available at

What got me was the following (numbers bolded below):

1. Storage capacity (1.075 M gal) is only 63% of max daily use (1.695M gal).  That means in a high-demand scenario with a failure of intake (if line pressure could be maintained), the city would run out of water in less than a day.

2. Sewer capacity is only 86.5% of max daily use.  The sewer system would quickly be overwhelmed in a long-term failure scenario.

Bottom Line: There may not be much you can do to change the numbers where you are (at least in the short term), but knowing the system's limitations is half the battle in being prepared.

WATER SUPPLIER:    Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority
Source:    Ground & surface water
Max. System Capacity (daily):    1,700,000 gallons
Max. Daily Use To Date:      1,695,000 gallons
Pressure on Mains:    58 PSI
Storage Capacity:    1,075,000 gallons
Size of Mains:    2” – 12”

Type Treatment Plant:    Extended Aeration
Maximum Capacity:    1,038,000 gallons
Max. Daily Use To Date:    1,200,000 gallons