Author Topic: Lock Your Doors & Load Your Guns: Calif. City Attorney Tells Residents to Be Sel  (Read 1245 times)

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Wow, an honest politician???  I gotta say that I like his candor.  It's amazing that a statement like that came out of someone in California.

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Though I like the sentiment, I would hazard a guess that he's bucking for a budget increase.  I don't know if he needs one or not, but San Bernardino is broker than broke, like many parts of California, and his budget has been cut.  While crime really does seem to have risen pretty dramatically there recently, a scared population is a population willing to pay more for protection.

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I suspect that there's plenty of government waste elsewhere.  Police salaries and their infrastrucuture are a small percentage of the city's budget.  This is designed to create a public outcry so that the emotion can be capitalized upon to raise taxes or increase power.  (It always comes down to money and power.)

When crime rises to a certain point, the sheeple will be willing to pay even more in taxes.  It's blackmail in a round-about manner.

"....strongly caution anyone who has children NOT to have a loaded gun in the house."     :o???  Then how do I protect them?  On one hand he says to lock the doors and load the guns.  In another breath he says not to have a loaded gun in the house if you have kids.  Well isn't that when you need one more than ever?  What a moron! (IMO)  I'm sure less cynical folks will disagree with me and that's cool.