Author Topic: Favorite Commercial Canned Food Meals? Need help filling our new Food Shelfrelia  (Read 4809 times)

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Forgive me if this has already been covered elsewhere. I tried my best to search it out. During Black Friday, I picked up the Shelfreliance Harvest 72 Food Storage System (thanks to Jack’s youtube review) for $250 (regular $459). Now I have a place and a system to start my “eat what you store, store what you eat” canned food prep. One problem, my wife and I don’t eat much canned food on a regular basis (but we want to start). We are looking for the best tasting canned foods to buy in bulk and work into our weekly staple meals. What are your favorites brands of cans and the meals you make with them?

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The "best" is going to be what you normally buy each and every day.  Now, if you are looking for long term big can food storage.  I think I remembered Jack indicating that Shelf Reliance is one of the better tasting number 10 can food storage out there.   Many of Shelf Reliance food types can be bought in smaller pantry - or "sample" size so you can get an idea of the taste before you buy in large quantities.

For every day bulk foods I would recommend Sams Club - or - CostCo - depending on which is closer.    Often these are the same food brands you buy each and every day but just in larger containers.   Always check the dates; sometimes with a bit of searching you can find the newly canned foods with longer shelf life next to the ones that will expire in a few days.

So for Tuna fish - CostCo label I guess because they often use the Kirkland as a high end brand.
I often find Sams Club Member's mark as a discount brand and sold as a cheaper alternative.  However; I was surprised that their tuna was almost as good as CostCo - one of the better brands out there (in tuna fish).

I would highly recommend you try any new food before you buy a few dozen cases of it.  For example, I kind of like Amy's organic canned food; however, their lentil soup will not be bought again.

BTW - welcome to the wonderful forum, when you get a chance introduce yourself to the group. 

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We have used Thrive Brand, The Ready Store and Emergency essentials brands. All are  good but we use Thrive the most.

It is important to use as its unnecessary stress to try and learn in a crisis. 

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We eat fresh when fruits and vegetables are in season and then can a lot of our own, but we use a lot of canned goods. I usually don't store too many "complete" canned meals with the exception of perhaps soup or chili, but I could still easily fill a couple of the ShelfReliance Harvest 72 units with the canned goods I do store.

These are some of the canned goods that I store and use on a regular basis

Tomato Sauce
Tomato Paste
Curry Pastes
No Salt Added Vegetables
"Foreign" Vegetables
Vegetable Side Dishes
Asian Side Dishes
Indian Side Dishes
Lite Syrup Fruit
Chicken Broth
Beef Broth
Condensed Milk

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I agree with what's already been stated. Store what you normally eat. If you see a new brand try it out first before buying large quantise. We also store canned ingredients such as potatoes, corn, tomatoes etc in addition to some things that might be considered a meal in themselves such as chili or ravioli.

My plan is that I have three general categories. First, MRE style foods that can be eaten out of the can or package as is with no heating. Second, meals in a can that could be eaten after heating where using a heating devise was not an issue. Third, canned ingredients that could be used to make a meal where using a heating devise was not an issue.

Some of our stuff is freeze-dried or dehydrated in #10 cans.

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we bought the Harvest #10.
We do not buy a whole lot of canned foods.  pineapple, olives, coconut milk, tomatoes and tomato sauce.  a few cans of tuna (hubby HATES fish, so no one eats a lot of it here), and some Nalley's chili (hubby won't eat tuna, but he loves that chemical-laden junk.  ugh).  But #10 cans were filling a whole shelf in my storage room.  So I bought that harvest can rotater.
the #10 cans I have:
milk, and some cans of whole wheat red and white (most of my wheat is actually in 6-gal buckets now)
raspberries, blue berries, blackberries (we eat these like candy)
honey powder
and a few other odds and ends - a can of celery or carrots or garden seeds, a can of beans or oats, etc.

mostly I do not make or serve pre-made items to my family.  I love them too much ;)

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Thank you all for being so helpful with my first TSP forum question. It all motivated me to finally fill in my profile/front porch bio post.

I am going to start a spreadsheet to start sampling some of your recommendations and tracking our inventory,
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