Author Topic: Vintage Tom Sturgis Pretzel Tin-Cans  (Read 1138 times)

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Vintage Tom Sturgis Pretzel Tin-Cans
« on: August 22, 2018, 08:42:39 AM »
Alright folks, I am coming to the smartest people on the internet!  I have searched long and hard for anything even close to my cans, and finally found this ebay listing:
  I do not know long the picture will last.  Anyway, I have 2 in that size: 13.5" tall, 12" diameter, 6-gallons; both red.
I also have 8 bigger: 19" tall, 16" diameter, 16-gallons (although I want to verify that measurement; 9-yo did it); 2 green, 1 silver, 5 red.

basically, they look like Christmas popcorn tins, but bigger.  And I am pretty sure they are TIN, not aluminum.  And very little rust, if any.

My parents had their food-storage wheat stored in them for 40 years (wheat that has now been feeding my chickens).  My dad was the youngest of 6, and his older siblings had been raised in the Depression, so my guess is that my grandparents bought them new (and filled with pretzels) and re-used them as everyone who lived in that time did with everything.
I do not want to use them for food storage - they are NOT airtight and I have lots of food-grade plastic buckets that are easier to move.  We did have animal feed in them, but we have moved those to other containers closer to the animals, and out of the garage.

That ebay listing for the smaller one is $36, so they must have some value if people are willing to pay that.

so - what can I do with these?  I guess I could take them to an antique store or a flea market, but I am curious if they have any use for me.