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My lucky 13
« on: February 03, 2013, 08:54:30 PM »
January was hopeless, good riddance. I'll double-time it to catch up.  :) Here's what I'm going to try:

1. Blade sharpening

Along with keeping my own stuff sharp I'd like to offer scissor sharpening as a service to my quilting customers. I have the jig for my Tormek and need to sacrifice a few pairs of thrift store scissors to hone (pun intended) that skill ready for prime-time.

2. Computer Skills

I'm a digital idiot but tired of calling in a 12 yr. old every time this thing hits a speed bump and needs to be set right. I predict this will be the most challenging of the 13 because, well, I'm a digital idiot.

3. Plant Identification

They're everywhere and it's just flat dumb not knowing how to identiy/use/eat/avoid them. I know lots of the common ones but need to bump it up a few levels.

4. Second Language

My last name is Hispanic and my first name could be so stangers often assume I speak Spanish. Nope, sorry, just English and trucker.  :-[ I'd like to be able to understand it at least, so I know when people are making fun of me.

5. Tool Maintenance

I'm a tool junkie. And I pretty much know how to maintain the ones I have but would like to optimize it, make sure they're all really happy, all the time.

6. Herbal Remedies
I grow 'em and they grow wild all over the place. I do not trust mainsteam medicine AT ALL, NOT EVEN A TINY BIT, and want to know more about how to use the free medicines and remedies Mother Nature provides.

7. Carpentry

Got stuff to build, hate paying other people to build it. Have (most of) the tools. Seriously need a greenhouse and chicken coop and a few hundred other woody structures around the 'stead. We heat with wood so I've got nothing to loose if it's screwed up.  :)

8. Basketry

I LOVE baskets. I've got willows in the creek, cattails in the meadows, squawbrush on the hillsides, horsetail along the driveway. How dumb am I not knowing how to make a basket? Sheese.

9. Fermenting

I can do 'kraut and yogurt but want to learn lots of other stuff too. For health and because it's yummy.

10. Woodworking

Same reason I want to be a better carpenter; a gazillion projects, too cheap to hire it out and besides, I love working with wood. I have the tools and some experience but not playin' with the varsity by a long shot.

11. Organizational Skills

I'd like to find the top of my desk, not to mention my studio floor. I know it's under there somewhere.

12. Foraging

My house has a mountain meadow on one side and wilderness on the other three. There's good stuff, I just need to identify & fetch it home. Also, even here in the boonies, people toss out perfectly useful or repairable stuff! I've been know to bring more back from the dump than I left with.

13. Mechanical/Engineering
Continue bonding with my newly acquired John Deere TLB. Learn to set grade and dig to it, to trench at a consistant level. Get fast at swapping out implements; backhoe off, box scrapper on, that sort of thing.