Author Topic: "Wall Street's Most Worrying Charts" - Business Insider article  (Read 1357 times)

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Interesting compilation of various charts.  Each chart has a brief summary.  Some were really good at putting some of the 'recovery' in perspective. 

A few charts I found interesting/concerning to me were:
1:  The two by David Rosenburg looking at the interest rate and unemployment in one chart and projecting unemployment numbers being above 6.5% through 2018 (with a ton of built in assumptions I'm sure). 
2:  The Foreign Ownership of US stocks.  It's over 16% now.  10 years ago it was around 10%.  20 years ago it was around 6%.  I wonder how this will impact some policy decisions (for better and/or worse), since we know it does.  Plus, I wonder how this impacts any advantages the US has had over the past 60ish years (since WWII). 
3.  Currency War 'fans' will see that in the 'Chinese Yuan versus the US dollar' chart.
4.  The second to last chart is of the price of gold adjusted for inflation.  The comment notes that there is 'no meaningful inflation' and the last time this happened there was a '20-year bull market in financial assets'.