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Disney coinage?


While cleaning house I found a pair of coins.  From the size, weight, and looking up similar things on eBay, I think they might be 1 troy oz of silver with gold inlay.  Maybe.  At least in their plastic housing they feel in the hand a lot like a US silver eagle.

But they're Disney coins!  One shows Bambi and the other has Pinocchio, both in a gold color.  Both have the year 2002 on the edge and say "Walt Disney World Artist Collection Limited Edition" with serial numbers on the back.  I think Mom brought them back from vacation for me.  At the time I just thought "gee that's purty" and put them somewhere.

Can any of you tell me more about this?  I didn't realize that Disney minted its own coinage.  Maybe we should put them in charge of the real money supply...

There are all kinds of silver collectors coins, everything from cartoon characters to sports teams to organizations.

Does it look like this?

Or these?

You should be able to find them using Google.


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