Author Topic: Long term storage of Over the Counter meds (Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil) types  (Read 3431 times)

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I have a vacuum sealer and I was thinking of emptying out the newly purchased items, vacuum sealing and putting them in my bar fridge.  Any thoughts?
I am looking for > 10 year storage.  I under stand the efficacy of the meds will deteriorate over time, so I am trying to slow that process down, if possible


1) Is the original packaging good enough, refrigerated, or even frozen (In Vacuum seal, plus mylar?)
2) Or remove from pack and just put in mylar bag in fridge or freezer

Or any other ideas or suggestions; especially from those who are currently doing this


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I put the original package in mylar and then refrigerate.

The thing with refrigerating meds is that you want to let them come to room temp before you open them (especially in more humid climates).

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I have smaller containers of OTC meds stored in various portable med kits- 
These are kept in re-labelled "medicine" bottles (HDPE) with a small silica packet inside.
On the labels I note the med name, dose, pill description, and mfr exp date.
Several of these bottles are then sealed in zip-lock bag to further deter humidity. (think 5-10 bottles)
Ive also packed these into VacSealer bags for a semi-rigid durable kit for grabNgo storage.
These I rotate into the "currently used" bulk supply as they just exceed their ExpDate.
Generally I have the HUGE bottles (costco/sams) on hand and always pickup the newest possible.
Im guessing I have the equivalent of 1 big bottle "distributed" into smaller containers, 1 bottle "currently used", and 2-3 in reserve?

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yuo guys are missing on the individually blister packed pils. No worries, ultra small packaging method for kits