Author Topic: Warning: Red Army Standard/ Century ammo found to be corrosive  (Read 2023 times)

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Warning: Newly manufactured Red Army Standard/ Century ammo found to be corrosive in recent tests.

I just received a certified letter from the manufacture that some of their new production 7.62*54R for the Mosin Nagant was found to be corrosive. 

Some folks like myself bought this ammo so I don't have to be worried about getting / cleaning the old rifle after some simple test firing.  However, because it is corrosive (often due to salts in the primer) the rifle needs to be clean soon after shooting.

How soon?  If you are in a humid area, you want to clean the barrel as soon as feasible.  In dry arid areas, you can wait a bit.

How to clean the rifle barrel?

Dilute regular household ammonia (sudsy is best but regular is OK too) to 2/1 or 3/1 with water (it can be as much as 10/1 if the smell really gets to you). Keep the solution in a small bottle to take with you to the range but label it well so you don't mistake it for contact-lens solution or a water bottle....yuck, or is that ouch!

After you are done firing and while still at the range moisten (not dripping-wet, but sorta-soaked) a patch and run it down the bore and back once.  This instantly will neutralize and dissolve the corrosive salt-compounds from the primers and start in on the copper and powder fouling with a vengeance. 

Let stand for thirty seconds or so (just enough time to take off and throw away the ammonia-patch you just used and put a new, dry patch on your rod).  Run the dry patch (or several) down the bore and you are most literally done.   

As a final precaution (since the ammonia will also kill all lubricants and leave the metal very dry) you can run a patch of gun-oil down the bore and leave it like that for protection from the elements (just be sure to run a dry patch down the bore before shooting it again). 

Note: Most / almost all Windex do not contain ammonia, or enough ammonia by percentage to be effective.

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Re: Warning: Red Army Standard/ Century ammo found to be corrosive
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2013, 05:30:40 PM »
Or spray down the gun using Windex with ammonia, run patches through it until your arm hurts, then hose the gun down with G96 or 10/w-40 motor oil.

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Re: Warning: Red Army Standard/ Century ammo found to be corrosive
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Plain old soapy water from a spray bottle will work just fine for cleaning your rifle after shooting corrosive ammo,you don't really need the ammonia unless you just like the smell,although the 10% Janitor's strength ammonia mixed 4 to 1 with water is an excellent home brew for removing copper bore fouling,use it the same as the more expensive store bough copper cleaners.

Windex for what it's worth has no ammonia to speak of certainly not enough  percentages wise to have any chemical effect on corrosive salts.  However it does sud up nicely and makes cleaning the crud out of the bore a bit easier before the final cleaning with the more expensive bore cleaners.  If you going to use Windex type products buy the cheap stuff at the dollar store.

I make all my own firearm cleaners  Ed's Red is my general purpose cleaner.