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Lightweight Solo Cookset & Pot Cosy
« on: July 08, 2014, 06:37:41 AM »
Solo cook sets whether they're lightweight or not are very personal to the individual using them. The choices for pots, stoves and the fuel you use is considerable.

I'm not getting any younger and have been slowly moving towards a lighter overall kit weight but not going crazy and trying to achieve the uber lightweight dream that many reach for but never get to. This is mainly due to cost. Once you reach a certain point you're only ever going to shed those extra few grams with ever more spending.

With this in mind I wanted to lose 1kg from my previous cook set that weighed in at 1.4kg. In that there was a pot with a cup/lid, canister stand, 250g gas canister, long handled spoon, stove and windbreak. I would also add a insulated mug which contained my brew kit, tea bags, coffee etc. It was by no means really heavy but I knew I could drop some serious weight without breaking the bank (although breaking banks in this day and age probably isn't a bad thing).

My main investment was the pot and stove. Both titanium. The pot is little more than a large mug holding up to 750ml and weighing 110g. Basically half the weight of my previous pot. The stove was under half the weight of my previous one at 45g.

Jet boil canister stand added another 40g (oh no!) but makes the whole setup a lot more stable. I even managed to squeeze part of a kitchen cleaning sponge in there too.

One of the best additions though was the pot cosy. If I'm out hiking and camping then usually (without the ability to make a fire) I'd need 250g canister to last the weekend. With the pot cosy I can make a 100g canister last the same time but more often longer.

Bring the water to the boil with your boil in the bag food. Yeah, not the most appetising but extremely convenient and a lot of British army MRE's are not too bad. Some are even pretty damn good! Boil for around 30 seconds and then remove from the heat and place into the cosy. Adding a double cosy really makes a difference and I added that later on. Leave for around 10mins and it'll be piping hot all the way through. This save a serious amount of fuel.

Oh I nearly forgot..there is also a folding spork in there too.

Here are a few pictures  :)

And the stove next to a AA battery for scale;

The stove and pot weren't exactly cheap but not stupidly expensive. All in all I eventually reduced the weight to just over 400g saving nearly a kilo.

Hope this was of interest to someone  :)