Author Topic: Sometimes not use ing your training is using your training  (Read 1898 times)

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Sometimes not use ing your training is using your training
« on: December 16, 2014, 07:25:43 PM »
I'm new here but I would like to tell you about a lesson I learned this past weekend.
I would start by I have a black belt and over 17 years experience in sansoo Kung fu. I was fishing with a large group of guys for the weekend when we decided that frozen pizzas where getting old and a burger at the bar would be delicious.

We whent in sat down and noticed a drunk father and son. This is pretty normal in Wisconsin (a family that drinks together gets drunk together). They started arguing about something and pushing back and forth. The bar tender asked them to leave and they did. But once out side they continued there argument by my friends dad's truck. He grew concerned about possible damage to the truck so he decided to move it. He walked out side and I followed in case there was any trouble. He explained that he wanted to move his truck if they wanted to fight. They ignored him and continued arguing when the father grabbed his son. The boy knocked him out cold. I stepped in and said its over its over. My friends dad proclaimed we must call the police he has blood every where. The boy freaked out said if you call the police I'll kill my dad, as he pulled a knife out. I quickly said whoa whoa whoa no one is calling the police this is a family issue and that he's a tough old man that will be just fine. As I stepped be hind the kid and put my arm around him in a comforting hold and I lightly held his knife arm elbow. At this point I could of easily of taken him out. But I used verbal judo and asked him to put the knife away and and take awalk with me behind the bar. Once we started talking he broke down in tears, I felt bad for him. And under stood where he was. He gave the bar the knife cleaned him up and got hime and his dad a ride home. The dad was fine and we even saw him fishing with a black and blue face the next day. He did not recognize us.

Moral of the story is knowing that I could of taken him out and would have every right to do so but I did not feel the absolute need in this situation I was self aware of what was happening and what to do because of my training. This kids life could of been ruined worse then it already was because of his drunk dad. I could of been spending a long time with police reports. And possibly suied for one thing or another. I put it all to training. Each situation is different in this case this was the best call.