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my health drink concoction
« on: February 14, 2015, 08:59:07 AM »
  Here's what I do, I just started today on this mix

 using the best organic or possibly raw unprocessed apple juice I can find:

 I mix:
 apple juice
 tangy tangerine
 chlorella algae
 powdered kelp (iodine)

 The tangy tangerine is a ton of plant based vitamins and minerals in powdered form. The chlorella helps detoxify metals such as aluminum from the body. I grind up some kelp iodine pills into powder and add that. This helps buffer the thyroid and protects from various contaminants (possibly from radiation or chemtrails but I think other things as well)

 I got the chlorella from western botanicals. It makes the drink green. otherwise it would be pink from the tangy tangerine. I use apple juice because I realized it is good for your gall bladder and possibly the liver. I find the apple juice improves the flavor instead of just using water. The stuff tastes ok and is not hard to drink or anything like that.

 I find it easier if everything is in one drink, otherwise I forget to add the chlorella to my yogurt or I forget to take some iodine pills once in awhile