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natural treatment for eye rinsing/treatment
« on: March 25, 2015, 11:59:30 AM »
Euphorbia lathyris, known as gopher purge, mole purge, gopher plant --- we have been told it deters gophers, dont do it.

Anyways, it has a milky, alkaline sap that is caustic to varying degrees depending on plant, time of year, person it gets on. Poison to eat, probably not death, but very ill if your kids get some sap in their mouth. Can cause raised rash, sores, burning sensation on skin. VERY hard to wash off.

I did not appreciate how hard it was to wash off, I have researched more now. I know I no longer want it in my yard, so pulled a couple when walking the property day before yesterday so it wouldnt seed, didnt even have oozing white sap, it was young. Hands were fine. Came in and washed them well. Then, brushed hair out of my eyes or something, rubbed them due to hay fever ? That small, secondary eye contact was enough. I ended up washing the hands 2 more times, then washing with rubbing alcohol, and 1 more time with soap/water. Like poison oak, you want the rubbing alcohol ( or, Fels Naptha might do it ? ) but something extra to actualy get it off as it STAYS on skin.

I have various allergies, so at first didnt realize what I was in for and did more washing, eyes rinses, cold compress on eyes and let my daughter leave to town. It got worse. I have looked it up, lot of people end up in the emergency room, especially if they get the actual sap in there, and not just a secondary contact. Then, they get lots of rinsing, eye drops, cortisone/steroidal shots. I didnt want to do this, and couldnt drive at that point anyways.

I eventually got a friend on the phone who ran over with moisturizing eye drops, took a look at me-- and was quite alarmed, consulted with our other friend who called back right when she arrived, and sprang into action. I didnt even know this particular friend was that good with herbal remedies. Phone friend mentioned eye-bright  and Friend here knew what was in it and was thinking out loud, goldenseal, which I also do not have, so I could answer her on what I might have, one item is Calendula, which we grow and is a healer. It was night time, she could forage my garden by flashlight, but I have it tinctured in Alcohol, she rummaged my bathroom, kitchen.

So, not perfect but worked like a charm : SHe took a pot and put in water, calendula tincture, 4 camomile teabags and brought to a boil, this evaporated the alcohol, which my eyes would not want. And got the camomile active. She took a kitchen towel and had me tent over the pot to get the healing steam in my eyes. Short at first as it was warm, resting between and back again. The results were dramatic. She was happy and amazed at the difference she saw looking at my eyes, and the pain and itching went away. I did this for a while, 1/2 hour over then off  steam maybe ? couldnt see, so I didnt watch time. I thanked her and let her go home and took two of the tea bags, partially wrung out to set on m closed eyes as  I went to the couch and rest. Later, right before bed, I heated the pot up again as it was getting a little itchy and did a bit more.

So, I had not thought of this before. light warm steam as a method to getting healing herbs onto eyes. Eyes are such a difficult place to treat. Be careful which herbs. We know these two are fine, and a few others, but DO NOT steam just anything into your eyes ! Would be good to know or have a few in your repetoire


Realy, cacendulla is just super. The best overall useful and dead easy to grow and pretty thing to have in your garden. Just one more Calendulla sucess story

I looked this up just now, I guess everyone but me knew it made a great eyewash:

and here:

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