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Turkey Trots and Tossing Cookies (Diarrhea/Vomiting)
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Diarrhea/Vomiting Care Module

Another very common medical ailment that can strike you when you least expect it, and put you down like a load of bricks.  Again, I pack my my remote care first-aid kit for the most likely ailments that can afflict myself or fellow travelers.  I often pack enough for 3 days of travel, while the more advanced supplies and re-supply go into my advanced kit.

Prevention of gastrointestinal illness is very important during remote travel, and the same would apply in SHTF scenarios.  Here are some links on prevention:

Major take home points:  Clean your hands like mama said, drink clean/treated water, cook your food and know who cooked your food, and practice proper field hygiene as flies like both your food and poo.

There is a long list of causes for acute diarrhea/vomiting,  I won't get into all the wonderful details as I am not likely be able to diagnose the actual cause in the field anyway.  There are a few important signs/symptoms that may indicate a severe illness, if you get these, EVACUATE to higher level of care:
High continuous fever lasting longer than 24 hours
Blood and/or pus in vomit, stool, or urine
Sharp steady (not cramps) intense pain in the abdomen or radiating into the back
Signs of advanced dehydration (dry mouth, fast pulse, delirium, no urine output, etc.)

With that out of the way, here is what I carry in my 3 day remote care kit:
3 packs Oral Rehydration Salts, I cannot improve upon this thread:       
12 tabs loperamide (imodium) for diarrhea
12 tabs pepto-bismol  for nasuea, diarrhea, upset stomach
10-20 tabs hyoscyamine 0.125 SL (sub-lingual)  For, among other things, severe abdominal cramps
2 suppositories promethazine 50mg (can be cut in quarters or half for lower dosages)  for severe vomiting, but also has multi-uses
6 tabs ciprofloxacin 500 mg reserved for bacterial causes of diarrhea, also has many other uses

Ginger tabs/root also work for nausea, I don't put them in here, but I would throw some into the advanced/long-term kit or water travel kit.

Some of these are prescription meds, and you should ALWAYS consult your medical provider before taking ANY medications OR providing medical treatment to others.
If you tell your medical provider that you are a traveler and provide this list, they may be willing to provide it along with further education of when to use what.

I won't get into my views on IV hydration except for the fact that very few minor illnesses require IV hydration.  Even while working in an urgent care clinic seeing hundreds of cases of severe vomiting/diarrhea per year, I can almost always manage them without an IV.

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