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Can trays for rotation
« on: May 27, 2009, 03:33:37 AM »
One problem with automatic can rotation shelves is that they may be too specialized and limit some of your storage options. Cubic dedicated to rotating standard round cans may not be easily switched over to square cans like corned beef, or large mason jars, for example.

And when you run out of cans entirely, it's nice to be able to toss a box of apples on the empty shelf, too, along with a bag of jerked deer, and a basket of rutabagas.

(Yum! Rutabagas!)

So I just use flat shelves.

I make rotation and inventory control easy by using can trays.

Each tray is just a minimal drawer with high sides & back, and a low front that sports a knob or an old cupboard handle.

For a standard round can (say, 3" wide by 4-1/2" tall) the sides and back of the drawer would be four inches tall, and the front only two inches tall so I can see the can label easily.

My shelves are 2 ft deep, so my trays are usually 8 cans long, plus a smidge.

I make mine from scrap: the back, bottom. and front are usually 3/8" plywood and the sides 1/8" paneling (luan). The pieces just staple or screw together, quick & easy. Screw on a recycled handle, and it's done.

They aren't fancy but they're good enough to do the job.

You load each tray with cans and slide it onto the shelf. You can even stack the trays if you like. They put an end to knocking loose cans over, BTW, when you're rummaging around in the pantry.

You use from the front. You reload the tray (whenever) by pulling it out about halfway and tipping it nose down. The old cans slide neatly forward, and you add the new cans to the back of the stack. Then you just "close the drawer".

This works really well for square cans, round cans, and boxes & jars of any given size. It's pretty generic. One size fits whatever size you make it.

It's very easy to rotate through a half dozen drawers, if you have that much of one item stored. Number them.

With can trays you can put whatever you want wherever you want it, and you can also strip your shelves in a hurry if you have to: just toss them in the BOV & hit the high road.

That's probably much faster than loading individual cans into boxes, and then tossing the boxes.

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Re: Can trays for rotation
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 06:52:56 AM »
very interesting. got any pics?