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I have threatened to make a bird house out of lids !  Wonder how many we throw away every day ?
The kraft mayonaise oval plastic jar lids make good soap dishes. I use lids to cover cat food can in refridge.  Those cheap plastic set of dollar store sink plugs do well to cover cans also. Especially the ones that don't fit any of my sinks. The oval mayo plastic jar does well holding pennies.  Keep a box next to or behind the sink to collect the lids in.  They work - the metal ones to cover candles that have a tendency to smoke. Cut up a pickle on the big lid from the big jar and put lid back on. Might make a mobile out of the lids to scare the nightly bear who takes trash from others and deposits it on my lawn.  Collect enough and make a toy for the little ones to play with.  We used to play with the paper milk caps 50 years ago.  I had my grandson washing rocks recently with bubbly water and a tooth brush.  Great entertainment.  Gave him lids to put the clean ones in.  Each rock got washed 100 times.  He is almost 3.  Got any more uses for lids ?   C