Author Topic: "The Age of Miracles", book recommendation  (Read 2167 times)

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"The Age of Miracles", book recommendation
« on: March 02, 2016, 12:58:35 PM »
     Just finished an easy yet engrossing read. Picked it up because I heard just a short segment on a "Chapter a Day" radio show. At first I thought it might be a Young Adult style apocalyptic novel, because it is written from the viewpoint of an eleven year old girl. I checked it out from our library and found it to be a read that is interesting on many levels. The plot line is that the Earth's rotation is suddenly slowing; days and nights becoming longer. What follows is an ever increasingly severe set of changes to the environment, that imperil the human race. Because she is so young, the main character is cast as more of an observer, with how this disaster slowly effects her world, family and view of the future.
     Much like the reaction to a global climate change "slow motion catastrophe", there is disbelief, denial, governmental assurances followed by obvious proof of what is happening. The results are related through her eyes to the girls friends, family and neighbors. Not much complicated scientific explanation (you just have to take it on faith that this event could happen) roving gangs nor blood shed; just the acknowledgement that the disaster is slow and inexorable, with the ultimate outcomes, with narrative examination of how families would cope.
     This could be a good read for a Y.A., although somewhat "dark". I found it worth reading because the event that precipitates the unstoppable momentum of disasters can be thought of as a parallel to a climate change event; complete with a "tipping point", after which all the denial in the world won't help.
      "The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker, Random House, 2012, ISBN-978-0-8129-9297-7   

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Re: "The Age of Miracles", book recommendation
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2016, 01:33:22 PM »

      "The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker, Random House, 2012, ISBN-978-0-8129-9297-7

Thanks for sharing.  You might want to post this on the "What are you reading now" thread as well.  People looking for book recommendations (or books to avoid) often use this thread.  Having your recommendation there will more likely help folks in the future.   :)

I see that my local public library has it as an e-book.  So I'm going to give it go this weekend.  I'm a total sucker for YA post-apocalyptic fiction.  This sounds better than most.
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