Author Topic: Bill Mollison passed.  (Read 3508 times)


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Bill Mollison passed.
« on: September 26, 2016, 10:24:49 AM »

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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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a sad day

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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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I watched a pile of his old TV shows that were (I guess) bootlegged, pirated, torrented, and otherwise illegally distributed when I first heard of him. Quality was poor due to all the copying but his ideas were great and have had a real influence on my yard and how I view food production.

Always sad to lose a great mind. His work made me work less and garden more intensively. Win, win, win.

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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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Probably the only anti-American I ever respected.  Great info, great perspective, unbelievable life experience, tremendously useful knowledge shared unselfishly.  RIP

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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
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Re: Bill Mollison passed.
« Reply #7 on: September 27, 2016, 08:10:14 AM »
While I never met him personally, I respect his work. I can't say I'm saddened by this however. When people die, others mourn the loss of what might have been; experiences they may have shared, insights they might have gleaned. But here's a guy who actually met his potential. What might have been, actually was. He lived a full life, left the world better than he found it, and inspired others to do the same.

I think our culture has a perverse view of death, that the spirit leaves this world and only the body remains. I assure you, the truth is exactly the opposite. The spirit is not some formless consciousness, taken from us and magically transported to an ethereal paradise. It's of this earth and lives on here in the thoughts and actions of those we've influenced. It exists only in the world we've created for it through our actions in life. He will be thought of as people walk through food forests, wilderness and gardens. Only the memory of him remains, but it lives on in a beautiful place which he, through his teachings, created. It's not the literal heaven so many people believe in, it's better. You can share it with him anytime you pick up a shovel or pick fruit from a tree. He's not gone, there is no "gone", and his legacy is far from over.

Don't mourn him, memorialize him in the ethics which guide your actions. It's a little macabré to weep over an urn or gravestone. That's no way to be remembered. If you need a physical memorial, plant a fruit tree in your own yard. That seems far more fitting.