Author Topic: The Strain: Possible Inoculation Guess. Possible in Real World Also.  (Read 2732 times)

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What do you think the scientist or other scientist(s) or redneck(s) will come up with on “The Strain”, as an inoculation? I think I know, and it exists now in the real world. It is already being used now, but for different reasons and purposes.   I think they will come up with colloidal silver as an inoculation for the vampire virus.

You can drink it, use an inhaler I guess, and take some via I.V. You can give yourself, or someone else a booster shot, right away, after being bitten. After you stop the bleeding of course. It’s just a show though, but still it would work. You want it well dispersed throughout your body, so the virus has no place to survive inside you.

You could use some type of silver container too, for drinking out of, and silver would slowly start to build up, in trace amounts, inside your body. They are using silver powder and bullets in the show already.

It’s entertainment, and they may not be able to use silver, for plot purposes. But it’s good to know that if something like this was to happen in real life, this might and should really work.

The vampires would kill or seriously injure themselves by biting you or anybody else, and on the TV show too.

Fun to think about anyway.

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Re: The Strain: Possible Inoculation Guess. Possible in Real World Also.
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I've only watched 1 or 2 episodes of The Strain.  It was a bit too weird for me at the time.

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