Author Topic: global currency exchange rate propagation  (Read 1454 times)

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global currency exchange rate propagation
« on: December 19, 2016, 02:56:55 PM »
How long does it take for a currency exchange rate (change) to propagate the entire global marketplace?  Minutes? Hours? Days? Longer?

More specifically for those who are waiting on the gamble we call Revaluation, how long does that take?  To me it seems stupid to think that its revalued in the nation where it is revalued being exchanged at new value then days later everywhere else. Say if Viet Nam Dong revalued today at 10 am their time, it should be reflected pretty quickly I'd guess around the globe. I can't think of a single reason it might not be. Any economist in here that might have a real answer for this? A web search for me resulted in no answers. My google foo might not be that great though.