Author Topic: Book review of Enemies Foreign and Domestic and Foreign Enemies and Traitors  (Read 2742 times)

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Mathew Bracken's Enemies Foreign and Domestic is 568 pages long.  It took me 2 days to get it read.  It took me 2 days because I couldn't read it fast enough.  This book is damned good.  It's well written, flows smoothly, and is crazy action packed.

My only complaint is that Mathew tended to focus on Vietnam area SF for alot of his protaganists.  Mathew also has a serious hang up on the MP5 10mm machine gun, but hey, if that's all I can bitch about, then that's saying a lot about this kick ass book. 

OK, so I'm a dumb ass since I grabbed the wrong book as I was running out the door for my 2 week hitch of work.  The next book in the next series should have been The Reconquista, but I grabbed Foreign Enemies and Traitors.  It was as good as his first book, but I would recommend reading them in order to keep up with the story.  That being said, this book was damned good as well!  My only problem with this one is that there seemed to be so much story to tell and it seemed that Mathew was trying to wrap it up too quickly.  Maybe he has a page limit (this one is 570).  If that is the case, he definately had/has more fodder for the next book (I hope!).

Anyway, all 3 books are worth the money and the time!
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I am about halfway through this book right now.  It is excellent!  I was pleasantly surprised at how well he was able to develop the characters and also put in an incredible about of information about constitutional issues, without just preaching.  The characters seem realistic and aren't simply plot devices.  It's actually this book that inspired me to come back to Jack's podcast and this forum, after kind of slacking in the prepping area for a few years!  I can already tell I am going to get the other two books after this one.