Author Topic: The Pulse Effex Series: L.R.Burkard YA Suspense/Prepper Fiction-Clean  (Read 1754 times)

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Written from 3 Teenage Girl-Friends perspective, it's one of my favorite series I've read so far-and I read a bunch! 

My 14 y/o son and I both LOVE these novels.  It's a fast paced adventure following the 3 girls and their families as they try to make it post-event.  They are written from a Christian Perspective so there is no language or situations to have to explain to your youth-reader (by now you've had the talk!-right?!)

Anyways, a great series from a great lady!

Find them on Kindle or in Paperback.

front cover of the 3rd most recent book:

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Thanks for the recommendation. 

It's odd that the author has the first book in the series as a paid book and the second two books are free if you have Kindle Unlimited (which I do).  Authors often do their first book in a series for free to get you hooked and then subsequent books are paid.