Author Topic: Stanley SL3HS is a good LED 3 watt (USB) rechargeable spotlight $18  (Read 215 times)

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STANLEY SL3HS Rechargeable 600 Lumen LED Lithium Ion Spotlight is a great hand lamp with a 5 foot bright spot at a 50 foot distance and a good ,lower level flood zone to provide good light for finding addresses,felons,and lost animals in the dark.m It has a USB charge cable with AC and DC(auto) adapters too. I get well over 4 hours use before charging is needed. GREAT three watt LED lamp.This is a great mid sized 3 Watt (600 Lumen) rechargeable by USB lamp that has a USB cable and an auto charge cable with also a home plug in charge block. And thw $12.84 I paid,though now $18 is still a good price for this quality spotlight.It offers High Spot plus halo,High spot,Low spot,and Halo only modes While the HALO is 6 LEDs that wrap around the large reflector of the spotlight and is a lower level wide angle lamp for avoiding blindness for close in work and it lights a room well enough to walk around when pointed at the ceiling. I have run halo mode as a night light at the BOL for two nights before charging and the halo still was working though the High and Low spot modes looked about the same and a GREEN light indicates fully charged and turns RED when needs charging and flashes green when charging (about a 500 MilliAmp charge current)

Another BIG PLUS is when the lamp has been on about 5 seconds in one mode the next pull of the trigger will turn the light OFF and I like not having to cycle through the modes to turn lights off.This lamp has a place to tie a lanyard and is deceptively lightweight for a hand held spotlight.
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