Author Topic: Mountain House RICE and CHICKEN #10 Can 10 servings,270 Cal/serving $15  (Read 591 times)

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  Chicken and Rice   10 ONE CUP servings at 270 Cal per serving is a pretty good tasting meal on it's own with room to add you fresh or freeze dried vegetables to make it a meal.I have consumed it after I cook it down in a pan till water is gone and a little scorch on the rice but added red and green peppers and a little Louisiana Hot Sauce really bring it to life and it makes a good,though light ,meal in very little time with just hot water if in a hurry.
This is white rice and a few bits of real? chicken with a fair bouillion added ,needs pepper for my taste ,has enough salt though not too much.

 I was going to review this later after I opened another 10 year old can ,but I have had enough to know it is consistent and even my dog likes it.
  It needs spicing up a bit for most peoples taste but is a good 'filler' for days you don't have time to prepare more. I have,in the past,used a solar shower and warm water to reconstitute this stuff and still tastes OK as it is already cooked and good to go . Also it is still $15 as I type this on AMAZON with FREE PRIME shipping.Simple foods and menus are what I was raised on though this RICE with CHICKEN begs for something else tossed in to make it your own , I like Red and Green Peppers and can add them to the dry mix and carry in a old plastic fruit juice or gatorade plastic bottle for easy carry.

  I often use the chicken helper from the store in the same manner ..but this tastes better and 'cooks' faster. USE 2/3 cup water to 1 cup dry mix and I use just a bit less water often as it is a tad wet unless you have it in a hot pan near the fire.  $14.99 and still listed NOW