Author Topic: Seeking Downloadable PDF Manual On Intermediate Level First Aid For DIY Class  (Read 805 times)

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My group and I have all but given up finding a local (Chicago area) source for em-med training that's above basic first aid (think Red Cross) and below EMT (think community colleges and some local hospitals) levels. Everything I've found is either too basic or too advanced and typically way more than we want to spend tuition-wise per member. Additionally no one can spare the class time demands for EMT-B or -P.

I've got two FD EMT-P's willing to do a unofficial off-the-books 2.3 day long course, Friday evening until Sunday late afternoon. The catch is we need some sort of manual, preferably free, that the EMT-P's can use as a textbook. Any ideas were one can be found?

Note: Basic GSW treatment will be covered as a separate class and the EMT-P's have that covered so that topic is not an issue.