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collodial silver/olive leaf extract
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:06:02 PM »
 I was going on a business trip and felt run down quite a bit over the past several weeks. I started spraying colloidal silver in my mouth, a little bit every day. i did not want to get sick while traveling or away from home. My friend recently had a really bad stomach bug. I went through a 1 once bottle in about a week. I was also taking olive leaf extract. So far I have not gotten sick. I take tons of vitamins/minerals also. It's the first time I have used colloidal silver though I bought some previously due to flu scares etc. I think I had google searched some stuff and saw that colloidal silver was recommended for preventing colds. Many health food places including whole foods now sell colloidal silver.

I bought more colloidal silver. I am traveling for the holidays and don't want to get sick, I still feel a little off some days

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