Author Topic: About AA and AAA battery chargers  (Read 531 times)

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About AA and AAA battery chargers
« on: September 03, 2018, 10:29:51 AM »
  A situation occurred yesterday that brought to mind some thoughts about small battery chargers and the level to which the technology has risen. One of my first chargers used a diode and a 'Christmas' light bulb to limit current to up to four batteries at a time charging...and it worked as it disconnected from AC Mains when the charger door was opened. I had long ago decided that a charger that charges 'one cell at a time' was best to avoid unbalanced cells in devices as a weak cell will only charge for so long and often not get balanced...and "the HORROR" I discovered that a charger in my Ham Shack would only charge AA and AAA cells 'two at a time' and so,after a few years use,the cells charged in that charger developed problems that made me blame the AA ENELOOP cells ,until I pulled out one of my NEW held on reserve,one at a time chargers and immediately was informed that all of my cells were GOOD,just some were not charging as much as the needed to the much dreaded "MEMORY EFFECT" and now I know that a one at a time charger is IMPORTANT ,even a simple one with no display is far better that any two at a time charger. The current smart chargers are a big improvement and the chargers that display and test...even recover cells are worth the price...don't skimp on such items.