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Flood Safety Precautions
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:49:21 PM »

National Preparedness Month - Disasters Happen, Prepare Now, Learn How!

With National Preparedness month concluding with the Original cause of commencement in plain sight, Hurricanes & Floods are inevitable and it is imperative one is prepared!

Here are certain things, Safecastle suggests should prepare you :
Ready-To-Eat, No hassle, Food pouches should the top priority on your list.
There has always been a scarcity of clean drinking water in times of floods, a trusted source of purified water will solve that for you.
 A handy medical kit will go a long way in normal life or in times of peril.
Be prepared and ready to be evacuated in extreme situations .
Safecastle introduces you to some products, we think can make excellent choices to last you through an emergency.

Mountain House Emergency Kit:

With a shelf life of 30 years, these compact pouches are Gourmet and they are also ready-to-eat!

Use code MOUNTAIN5 to avail $5 off on purchase of 2  Mountain House
14-Day Kits ONLY!


A verified, trusted, loved by many, source for purified drinking water, this is a tested purifier and needs no much introduction!


Mayday Kit:

Your ready made Bug-Out-Bag, you will find everything you will need in a single bag!


Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats:
Boats that are light-weight and rugged at the same time, with capacity ranging from 5 adults to 2000 lbs, these boats pack a power and are absolutely easy to store as you can roll them up!!