Author Topic: Windows versus Mac with iPhone internet hub or cell network ?  (Read 1386 times)

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 I have used windows a great deal, but I now have a Mac book besides a windows machine. I sometimes use my iPhone as an internet hub. It tends to be problematic at times. I was just using it with my windows machine and it was super slow so I rebooted and then when I tried to connect it had problems which is not uncommon. I the switched over to the Mac book. My Mac has a smaller screen and Macs are more expensive. I feel like the Mac tends to do better though getting it to see the iPhone network though sometimes it means rebooting the phone. Anyone have similar experiences or impressions ? I like using an iPhone hub quite a bit so that could be a big deal for my future computer buying decisions.

 Using an iPhone hub means it's portable, I can bring it to my BOL and it saves me from having a home internet service provider since I don't need cable TV. That means for improved connectivity I need to use my mother's internet or go to a library but that has generally been quite workable. My monthly iPhone bill is high enough

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Re: Windows versus Mac with iPhone internet hub or cell network ?
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I've had no problems using my iPhone's Personal Hotspot function with MacBooks, iPads, or Chromebooks.  My wife tethers hers to a MacBook Air all the time without any problems.  If possible, plug the iPhone in through USB to the computer.  With WiFi I've had to go back and reconnect if the computer went to sleep, sometimes, but never had to reboot either one to get things working again.