Author Topic: Sunny day flooding on US east and gulf coasts is increasing  (Read 939 times)

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Science News, 7/15/19: ‘Sunny day’ high tide floods are on the rise along U.S. coasts

...From 2000 to 2019, these “sunny-day flooding” events jumped by 190 percent in the southeast, and by 140 percent in the northeast, according to a report by NOAA released July 10. ...

“It’s primarily an issue in the East Coast and Gulf Coast at the moment,” said NOAA oceanographer William Sweet, who led the study, during a July 10 news conference. Flooding in the densely populated northeast, in particular, is influenced by “a very energetic system” offshore involving winds and ocean currents along with sea level rise. The land surface in the Chesapeake Bay region also is slowly sinking, part of a delayed readjustment to the retreat of the great ice sheets that covered North America thousands of years ago. ...

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Re: Sunny day flooding on US east and gulf coasts is increasing
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