Author Topic: Huge 2A Win in New York - Not Firearms but Big Implications  (Read 306 times)

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New York finally threw in the towel on the gravity knife ban.  They yanked it to avoid adverse Supreme Court decision and the corresponding recognition of far reaching implications.  The 2A protects arms generally.  So happy to be one of the first members of KR.
Hard Earned Knife Rights Victory! Freedom (Finally) Wins in New York!

Nine years of hard work and effort, including eight years of costly Federal litigation and the threat of losing big time at the U.S. Supreme Court (see below), has finally convinced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign A5944, repealing the state's bans on Gravity Knives. Cuomo previously vetoed two similar bills which Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner, also worked on tirelessly in Albany.

Although the bill leaves the definition of a gravity knife intact, the statutory repeals make the knives legal, stripping New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. of their ability to continue to abuse the definition of a gravity knife and continue to arrest and prosecute people by claiming a common lock blade folding knife or utility knife is an illegal gravity knife

The repeal is effective immediately.
A decision in favor of the plaintiffs against the City and DA Vance in our case would make it much harder for the Second Circuit to abuse the issue of vagueness, as they have in our case, to make other cases opposed by these politicians go away, again, as they have also done previously. That possibility was so concerning that even DA Vance, who previously steadfastly opposed any reasonable solution and who is a close confidant of Gov. Cuomo, reversed his prior opposition to the Governor signing any bill that would stop his abuse.