Author Topic: HT Antennas' Performance & Questions  (Read 91 times)

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HT Antennas' Performance & Questions
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:09:01 AM »
hi all!

So i spent most of the morning on taking measurements of all my HT antennas with my SWR meter.

I got me a Baofeng UVF10 handheld that is triband (+220MHz) and of higher power.

I got a whole range of SWR measurements from 1.7 in V/UHF, out to 17 in the 220 band!!!

And it was a good chance to "evaluate" my anteenas.

So here come the questions:

1) Would you find a value of 2.5 in SWR acceptable?
Seems that an average of 2.2 is the norm regardless of antenna quality

2) The following i cannot grasp why it happens.
Depending on antenna, output power varied! most of the antennas would clock at 4-5W while I got 8 and 10.8 watts on some antennas.
i.e my base antenna would clock 5watts and 1.3 SWR, but a Nagoya Rh770 extendable would clock 10watt and lousy SWR in the 220 band.
(All V/UHFf measurements fell in the 5watt range)

Some how it seems that antennas at scored bad in SWR, were the ones that the meter showed higher output
Why is this so?
(I am assuming it was reflected power the meter was receiving on top of the TX generated one)

unfortunately i cannot post a table for the moment.

Funny notes.
The absolutely WORST antenna for the VHF was the stock Kenwood TH-F6 antenna!
Baofeng stock antennas are very good at the UHF (HAM & PMR bands)