Author Topic: Dealing with COVID-19 Overload  (Read 799 times)

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Re: Dealing with COVID-19 Overload
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I think the medical community confused keeping people calm with being prepared for a pandemic contingency.  We are probably guilty of it to some degree in the prepper community.  My store of PPE and hand sanitizer was very small.  We still lit off our disaster top off of family stockage early, including gloves and hand sanitizer, but not for masks and I am sure I was on the leading edge of the demand spike that caused hand sanitizer to sell out.  I wish I had had enough on hand that I could have avoided being any part of the abnormal demand.

The medical community could have worked to calm people while drastically increasing stockage of supplies and preparing personnel for the possibility of an outbreak.  I am sure some medical facilities did increase stockage, but I imagine they didnt increase it by near enough.*

*In a digression, one thing that could be done on the FDA level is trying to loosen up on shelf life for medical supplies.  They might want to push the margin on degradation due to time since production more than they have willing to thus far.  If institutions are not confronted with having to throw away large amounts of supplies as fast, that might be an inducement for medical facilities to keep a deeper supply closet.