Author Topic: HELP - Need Sherpa Guidance on How to Begin Researching Property  (Read 104 times)

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Good day everyone. I hope all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy!

My Fiance (just got engaged 3 days ago!) and I are in the market to purchase some land for our building our hopefully final/retirement home. This is not a bug out location or a secondary property. I currently live in my house which i am about to put on the market. My finace has a house that I would live in while we began work on the new/final property. We would then either rent her house out or sell it. We are fortunate that both our properties reside in towns/school districts that they don't last long on the market. We've found a piece of 5 acre property that is a potential good fit for us. It is in the school district we need it (we are the Brady bunch...3 Girls, and 3 Boys from the age range of 7yrs old to 16yrs old). We're from the area for over 40yrs, so we have actual years of expertise in the surrounding areas and are familiar with crime rate, flood planes, schools, natural and man made disasters etc...). The only neighbors are to the south of the property which is also sits on a 5acre lot.

The 5acre lot is right outside of town, a few miles from a major interstate (so I'm not to worried about the masses evacuating from the major city thats about 60min drive with no rush hour traffic), and is pretty much a level prairie field surrounded by corn fields...unfortunately, we are stuck in the boring midwest when it comes to environmental visuals. The lot is the perfect size for what we would like to accomplish for our final home.

I would love to hear the communities feedback on some of the below. Also, what I am struggling the most is, how to go about researching the property to determine if it will meet our needs. Meaning, well according to plot surveys etc. the water table is always high so bye bye basement. Looking for advice from others on how they began their adventure researching properties and then finalizing that selection. I plan on creating a list of requirements and prioritizing them.

Some of the requirements (feedback/opinions welcomed!):

1. Obviously a house, but would have a basement. We would also like to possibly put a storage/panic room under the garage. This would be where most of our preparedness supplies and stockpiles go. The panic room is not so much for intruders but for tornadoes. We had two criss cross through our town in less than 2yrs apart.
2. Pole barn on the property. We actually considered purchasing the land, and putting up a nice barn with some living quarters in it. This would allow us to move onto the property and sell her house. Then finally build the house at our own pace.

3. I would like to put a small firearms range on the property. Nothing crazy...It would be roughly say 50-75yds long and doesn't need to be wide. I would have a berm built for safety.

4. A Garden!!! Where I've lived in the past we have only been able to do raised beds or pots for the veggie garden.

5. Chicken coop. Finace and kids want chickens lol.

6. Utilities wise, we would need to put a well and septic in (which i would almost prefer), it actually has natural gas service to the property. This in my opinion is good. I currently have a full house natural gas generator at my house so we would have one as well at the new establishment. If it didn't have natural gas ran to the property i would more than likely look into other alternatives for backup power. For example, solar and/or a secondary LP tank specifically for the generator. Solar actually may become an option to supplement anyways when it comes time to build the house.

7. High-speed internet. This right here is one of my biggest concerns. I don't believe any of the major providers have service to the property. I work from home a lot, and with 6 kids well......with remote learning now because of COVID-19, gaming, streaming internet is a necessity. The major wireless carriers have good coverage, and there is also a local company that provides a wireless service for the area with the antennas on the water tower about 3miles away. There are no trees on the property so line-of-sight obstruction wouldn't be a concern. Also, by the time we actually get moved into a structure on the property the Starlink satellite service will probably be up and operational.

I can't thank this community enough! I've listened to Jack all the way back when he would do the podcast from his car. Loved hearing his rants at some moron driver lol. A lot of my preparations have originated from Jack, the podcast, and community members. I wouldn't have been as prepared for this pandemic if it wasn't for all of you. Me and my loved ones are so far safe and healthy, and haven't had to really stress out about the virus and that is due to being prepared.  What also makes me feel good is, one of my friends and his family saw the light back at the end of January. He always knew i was into preparedness so he reached out and said "how to i get ready for this possible pandemic?" Since then him and his family have made huge improvements to be prepared in all aspects of their lives. I told him, just like Jack stated, a SHTF scenario could be you just losing your job. If that were to happen, at least you have food on the table. What's also great is him and I txt back and forth all day long, so we've gotten much closer. He lives in TX so digital communication is the most efficient way.

Stay safe everyone!