Author Topic: Government doesnt need food safety bills.  (Read 1733 times)

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Government doesnt need food safety bills.
« on: August 07, 2009, 08:22:30 AM »
Dont know if this was posted but a article from late last year.
Government doesnt need food safety bills. They are raiding houses right now and stopping organic growing. The government is coming after all who want to stand on there own two feet.

  Lorain County Health Department agents forcefully entered the Stowers' residence, without first announcing they were police or stating the purpose of the visit. With guns drawn, officers swiftly and immediately moved to the upstairs of the home, finding ten children in the middle of a home-schooling lesson. Officers then moved Jacqueline Stowers and her children to their living room where they were held for more than six hours and unlawfully seized the family's personal food supply, cell phones and personal computers.