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POLL: What are you doing with your money?

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I am curious what everyone is doing with their money these days?  Have you significantly changed your spending and savings habits?

I have a nest egg in non-dollar dominatred assets outside the country, a small cache of cash, and everything else gets spent asap.

I am only buying necesseties (sp.) right now for the most part.
I am an essential city government employee, and my wife is a teacher that is high up in the school system. We feel secure in our jobs, our house is WELL within our means, and is getting extra paid on it every month. I owe less than 2000 on my pickup, and all vehicles will be paid for. I have most of the toys I want, and all the toys I need per se.
I try to spend about 100 dollars a check on "FUN" stuff, like guns, reloading, my watch collection, auctions, etc. Everything I buy usually has a reason to be bought, and can be used.
My little side business of leather work is finally starting to pay for itself, but its so fun, its paid for mentally already. It buys more leather anyway.
The rest of the money goes into paying debt from college years and having nothing. We are financially sound, but not rich by any means. Savings account is growing, but slowly.
Not sure where I was going with this, as its getting late and I am tired.
Oh, I forgot, I also have my old money collection consisting of old paper money, lots of silver, and the like. Might be 500 face value or so. Maybe more, counting paper.

Still maxing my Roth and 401k.
Reduced automatic purchases of taxable account index funds by 50%.
Raising cash to buy cars and real estate as I run into deals.
Stopped all purchases of individual stocks to raise cash faster.

I have no debt and don't intend to use any to purchase assets in the next 18 months.
Watching for more tax credits to be offered for purchasing foreclosures.

We are putting every cent into debt.  we have two months worth of salary in savings and are knocking out the bills.


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