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Great Portfolio Resource
« on: October 15, 2009, 10:23:15 AM »
I seem to be replying to others postings rather frequently on TSPF harping about the need to balance portfolios in a methodology that is customized and answers the direct needs of the person in question.

I in general believe that the world of investing is a dangerous and confusing place for the layperson, and that we need consistent professional advice to enter and exit this realm successfully. I dont know of any investment advisory service (with the exception of a few mainly metal guys) that is aimed towards our community.

I would recommend finding someone to work with who understands your outlook, and will assist in executing according to your needs. That said, it is absolutely incumbent upon you to accept accountability, and self sufficiency by doing your homework and constantly monitoring your investment advisers work and results!

To that end, allow me to offer a tool that I use on a regular basis (FREE) to monitor my portfolios, and predict changes if I alter my holdings. It is rather sophisticated, but can be used in more rudimentary fashion growing with your skills as they grow. I have no affiliation with these folks, nor do I vouch for the accuracy of their models - but I do use them myself, and I have been a professional at this for over 15 years.

Check out:

I should add that in their words:
Macroaxis® Wealth Management Collaboration Platform is a set of comprehensive modules that are written in the context of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT suggests that rational investors will use diversification to optimize their portfolios. Over the last 30 years MPT became a sound methodology for many professional money managers and financial advisors to establish a disciplined approach to building wealth for their clients. With advancement in technology and availability of computing power to perform very intensive mathematical calculations, the paradigm of MPT can now be brought to the masses. Macroaxis is proud to be one of the first companies to give investors the ability to create optimal portfolios at virtually no cost.

Regardless of your background, budget, or investment philosophy, you will find our platform and community useful in building optimal portfolios for yourself or your clients. The benefits of using the Macroaxis Wealth Management Collaboration Platform include: