Author Topic: Most proposed anti-gun and pro-gun legislation in WA State is dead for the year  (Read 915 times)

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Spokane Spokesman-Review, 2/17/17: Assault weapon owners in Washington won’t need licenses

...Proposals to ban certain semi-automatic rifles, sometimes called military assault weapons, never got a hearing, but a bill to require licenses for people who own, buy or sell them was near the top of the House Judiciary Committee calendar Thursday. But it didn’t get a vote and is likely dead for the year. ...

“The safe storage bill was the priority,” Jinkins said.

That bill did pass, although it, too, was changed to be less sweeping that the original version. It no longer calls for criminal charges for a person whose unsecured firearms are stolen in a burglary and later used in a crime. Under a “middle ground” amendment approved by the committee, a person who leaves an unsecured firearm accessible to a child could be charged with reckless endangerment if that the child takes the gun and hurts or kills someone.

“There’s no requirements for a safe or a trigger lock,” said Rep. Roger Goodman, D-Kirkland. “If a child gets ahold of it…there have to be consequences.”...

The committee approved several other gun bills, including one that requires dealers to report to the Washington State Patrol the name of people who fail a background check when they try to buy a weapon. If that would-be buyer is the subject of a domestic violence protection order, the person protected by the order also would be notified of the attempted purchase.

Other bills expand the exemptions from background checks for transfers or gifts of firearms among certain relatives and allows voluntary temporary transfers of weapons from people who are suicidal. ...

Attorney General Bob Ferguson called for an outright ban on assault weapons last fall; proposals were introduced in both chambers but got committee hearings in neither. ...

Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, sponsored a bill that would have prohibited public facilities like stadiums and arenas from barring concealed pistol license holders from bringing their firearms. It was denounced by gun safety advocates and several pundits. It didn’t get a hearing in the Judiciary Committee.

A similar fate befell proposals that would have waived background checks for gun purchases if the buyer had concealed pistol license; that would have allowed anyone with a pistol license in another state to carry a concealed pistol in Washington; would have allowed a seller to waive the background check to anyone with a valid law enforcement commission card also did not get a hearing. ...

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Thank you Matt Shea.