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Title: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Artos on February 26, 2017, 05:32:36 AM
Ok yall, time to pick the hive mind.
Situation: Currently live and work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  I have a VERY large military training area to play in whenever I want.  Middle of the Arabian Peninsula desert.  I have my own Tahoe 4wd, company gas, and time on my hands.
Question: Below in blue are the items issued with the truck.  In black are what I have added or plan to add.  What am I missing to go out into the remote desert either here or out in the boondocks to enjoy nature and maybe shoot some informative and entertaining Youtube videos?

D Cell Maglight
Fire Extinguisher x2
Shovel x2
Air Compressor
1st Aid Kit
Tow Strap
Jumper Cables
Crescent Wrench
Warning Triangle
Elec. Tape
Tool Role
•   Elec Tape
•   Poncho
•   Fuses
•   Bungee Cords
•   Slip Pliars, sm
•   Screwdriver, multi-head
•   Flashlight
•   Shop rag
Work Gloves
Slip Pliars, lg
Long Phillips x2
Veh mounted CB
My EDC: Tactical Folder (CRKT M-16 or Kershaw Speedsafe)
Cigar Cutter
Cell phone
My EDC Bag (Goes everywhere except meetings)
Laptop w/charger
Cigar case w/3 cigars
.5 L steel water bottle
Personal cellphone
150 ml bottle tobacco sauce
External Hard drive
(My shipment from home arrives tomorrow, ill be adding a fixed blade and a folder to the bag)
Added to car
6x 1.5 L bottles (iced if I know im heading out)
3 pack sterno
1 can pineapple slices in juice
8 oz Biltong
50’ 550 cord
Sand Ladder x2
Bic lighter
Full change of cloths (Work cloths are tan military cut uniform pants and top with tan t-shirt and tan combat boots.  We have to at least change shirts to a civilian top when driving around.)

Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Chemsoldier on February 26, 2017, 07:03:35 AM
Personal Locator Beacon? 
Sat Phone?
Storage Battery for personal electronic devices
Signal Mirror
Ground to air marking panel
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Carl on February 26, 2017, 07:10:05 AM

Large tarp for shade/work area
Head lamp for hands free light
safety wire
Spare fan belts
Tire patch or plug kit
Flare gun
Protective goggles for wind blown sand
Sun glasses
Compass and maps of area
Crackers,hardtack or pilot bread
Better antenna for the radio...better radio
More combustibles for fire when needed (not much to burn in desert)
Blankets and sleeping pad
More water
sand anchors or tall pegs for tarp to tie to
More paracord

might be a good start unless you are close enough to see civilization
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: RitaRose1945 on February 26, 2017, 01:39:59 PM
If you wear glasses, then an extra pair.
If you don't, I know it's odd, but a small magnifying glass is useful for a whole lot of things (viewing small details, starting fires...)

Some things I found useful when I worked outside in the desert:

Bandannas - great for covering your head, gathering things together in a knapsack, bandaging, soaking in water and tying around your neck or on your head,

Pen or mechanical pencil and paper


Disposable camera (phone batteries die)

Heat packs (the chemical reaction kind), gloves, and a beanie because deserts can get cold at night.  We would regularly have a difference of 40F between the high during the day and the low at night.  Add more for windchill.

Zip ties.
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Mr. Bill on February 26, 2017, 01:56:18 PM
Hey Artos, good to hear from you. :)

150 ml bottle tobacco sauce

For the cigars?
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Artos on February 27, 2017, 05:15:35 AM
LOL...nah, never defile a good cigar! 

Good thoughts all. For immediate action: fill cooler with water, probably a total of 12L. If necessary, get a second cooler for trips outside Riyadh. Compass and maps. Binos w/laser range finder (this is to keep practicing my ability to judge distance with a form of confirmation. If anyone has used a set and recommends them would love to know). TP. More food (protein heavy).

3 days is good planning, but unless I head outside Riyadh id never be outside cell range.  90% of what id do is on the range complex, sort of like playing around in the training areas on Ft Bliss or Irwin.  So unless i roll the vehicle and kill the CB and my cell I will always have commo.  Need another plan for going outside the Riyadh area.

Update: Went by supply and got a cot, poncho liner, sleeping bag, 5 gal water cooler and 10L water can.  Also, my shipment from home arrived so I now have my BOB.  More details to come once I unpack, inventory, and repack it.
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: LvsChant on February 27, 2017, 09:42:11 AM
have fun... stay safe... I'm enjoying this thread...
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: endurance on February 27, 2017, 10:47:24 AM
A one gallon or larger weed sprayer, new, unused. Fill with water as a misting system using your melted cooler ice.

A can of starting fluid for reseating tires and a nifty flame thrower for entertainment.

Goggles, motorcycle goggles are the best. A necessity in dust storms.

Sealed water system like a camelbak or camelbak bottle that can be filled when there's not dust in the air, and consumed without having to take a lid off when the wind is blowing crap around.

Wet food-watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, pickles.
Salty foods-all varieties.

Most of those are lessons from the Playa at Burning Man, but I suspect many cross apply. The desert will make you lose weight. When it's extremely hot, you have no desire to eat, so focus on big breakfasts with staying power and focus a lot more on snacking during the heat of the day. Based on my weight loss, I would say I was easily 1000 calories a day shy of my needs and I was never hungry. That said, many of my calories were coming from drinks containing alcohol. ;)
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: archer on February 27, 2017, 04:39:37 PM
liveboat type rations: mainstay/mayday/datrex/millenium bars
food tablets:

lots of water.
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: Wild Colonial Boy on October 20, 2017, 06:40:50 AM
Did anyone mention a few Jerry Cans for fuel?
Title: Re: OUtfitting for the desert
Post by: bcksknr on October 20, 2017, 09:35:23 AM
     File a "flight plan" with responsible parties before heading out. Include route, destination, estimated time of arrival and a "red flag" time and date when, if you haven't checked in, someone knows your in trouble. If your route takes an unexpected turn, alert someone as to what is happening. Let them know when you have returned or reached your destination safely.